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BRNO: Waste collection fee 2015 for foreigners

BRNO: Waste collection fee 2015 for foreigners


From 1st January 2013, the local fees for municipal waste collection shall be paid by

- all foreign nationals (EU and non-EU) staying in Brno for more than 3 months (until 2012 only those with a residence permit). The fee is paid for every person in the household.

- all owners of property (flat, detached house, recreational building) with no person with registered stay. For example, if you own two flats and you are registered in one of them and there is no-one registered in the other flat, you pay once on the grounds of your stay in one of the flats and once on the grounds of the ownership of the flat with no one registered for the stay in the other flat.

With respect to tax administration, the documents and meetings are written/conducted in Czech.

The foresaid are obliged to 1) pay the fee and a 2) report this fact to the fee administrator. More about in the city website: http://www.brno.cz/en/city-administration/brno-city-municipality/city-development-section/environmental-department/oddeleni-spravy-poplatku-za-komunalni-odpad/waste-collection/

ZDROJ: brno.cz

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