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Větrná elektrárna z Ukrajiny (Wind power plant from Ukraine)

Větrná energie
Větrná elektrárna z Ukrajiny (Wind power plant from Ukraine)

VES-5 wind power plant is an installation that converts wing energy into electricity. It is intended to provide uninterrupted automated power supply for individual consumers such as farmers, horticulturists, summer visitors, rotation workers, hunters, anglers, geologic expeditions, as well as navigation, meteorological, radio relay stations, etc, in the regions long-distanced from power transmission lines, and in field conditions. It is manufactured in two configurations:

1) manually controlled free-standing plant;
2) automatic free-standing plant with manual control function.

The system used for mast lifting and descending does not require any specialized equipment and makes it possible to carry out the whole scope of WEGP installation and maintenance with a participation of 2 to 3 persons.More on: www.motorsich.com


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