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Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

20. Napoleon Wrasse

20. Napoleon Wrasse

The Napoleon Wrasse, also known as the humphead wrasse, is perhaps a little better known than some of the other fish and creatures that feature on this list.

This is because of its status as an endangered fish.

It is a luxury edible fish that is in danger of becoming extinct thanks to overfishing in southern Asia.

It is typically found in the Indo-Pacific ocean region, surrounding many of the small Pacific and Indian islands.

However, they can also be found around the east coast of Africa and in the Red sea. It is a very large fish, growing to around 6 feet in length, and dwells in coral reefs.

It has a prominent bulge on its forehead, this bulge is said to resemble the hat that Napoleon wore, hence the name.

Whilst they do frequent coral reefs, it is more common to see the younger Napoleon Wrasse fish in the sandy parts of coral, whereas the adults tend to prefer deeper coral reefs and lagoons.

They tend to prey on hard shelled animals such as mollusks and crustaceans. They are also fond of starfish.

Conclusion: Will You Ever See These Animals?

04Conclusion Will You Ever See These Animals

That concludes our list of 20 of the Most Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures in the Ocean. We are sure by now that you may all be wondering whether you will be able to see these magnificent creatures for yourself. Certainly, many of them can be seen, either in captivity in zoos and aquariums, or by going scuba diving.

These include any of our coral reef dwelling weird fish and wonderful creatures such as the leafy sea dragon. Other fish, particularly the fish that dwell very deep under the sea will be very difficult to see for yourself.

Some of them, for example, the Marrus Orthocanna, have rarely been seen by scientists let alone you and I. However, one thing is for certain and that is because of the constant advances in technology and scientific exploration, new ways of researching the ocean's magnificent creatures are being found daily.

We are sure this list will be able to be expanded on yearly with the number of new discoveries being made. However, for now, we are sure you are elated with our list of 20 of the weirdest and most wonderful we could find!

Source: https://addhelium.com/weirdest-creatures-in-the-ocean/

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