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A voluntary common EU public building certification coming soon?

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A voluntary common EU public building certification coming soon?

Energie-Cités has published an opinion paper on the EPBD policy process based on the Display Campaign experience. This paper strongly supports the recently accepted EU parliament amendment 94 of the EPBD recast.

The idea to implement a voluntary common European Union certification for the energy performance of non-residential buildings in 2012 is something that has (since 2004) and continues to be carried out by Display Campaign participants. It is felt that this common approach will go a long way to reducing confusion and it is hoped that the gulf between Europe and its citizens be reduced.

Thus Energie-Cités as initiators of the Display Campaign would like to take this opportunity to promote the following points which will be essential for the success of the EPBD recast:

  • Local authority members of the Display Campaign have gained a lot of experience so question them instead of recreating the wheel
  • National energy performance certificates need to be harmonised and the certificates made more attractive so that they can be used for effective communication purposes
  • Local authorities are willing and able to continue to lead by example

Download the policy paper: www.energie-cites.eu

Display Campaign website: www.display-campaign.org

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