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Climate Star 2009: Freiburg and Kirklees have won

Klimatické změny
Climate Star 2009: Freiburg and Kirklees have won

Energie-Cités` member cities Freiburg (Germany) and Kirklees Council (UK) have won the Climate Star 2009 - together with 13 other European cities, municipalities and local authorities associations. Energie-Cités is an associated partner of the Award.

Under the motto "The Short Track to Climate Protection", Climate Alliance had invited all European local authorities to apply with exemplary climate protection actions and measures for the 4th edition of the Award. This year, 444 cities and municipalities from 11 countries have applied. Accordingly, the projects submitted address a broad range of topics, such as energy efficiency, local energy production from renewable sources, sustainable means of transport or marketing of regional products.

The expert jury which decided on the selection of the awardees was composed of representatives of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions in Brussels, the Sustainable Development Committee of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the Faculty of Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund University. The jury assessed the submitted projects according to the predetermined criterions innovation, cost-benefit-ratio, long-term contribution to CO2 reduction and transferability.

For further information: www.climate-star.net

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