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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Deep sea filming reveals thriving fish communities among Irish coral reefs
The importance of coral reefs in supporting diverse fish communities has been highlighted in a recent study. However, the effects of damaging fishing techniques were also observed in video footage of the reefs studied, located off the coast of Ireland.
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Coastal structure repairs can significantly disturb marine ecosystems
Renovating coastal structures, such as breakwaters, groynes, artificial reefs, quays and sea walls, can be destructive to marine ecosystems as it encourages opportunistic and invasive species, according to recent research. Repairs can be particularly damaging if conducted in spring or summer, so repair schedules should be recognised in marine planning strategies to minimise negative ecological effects, say the researchers.
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Progress in education for Sustainable Development
A new report commissioned by UNESCO has reviewed several case studies of national progress in learning and education for sustainable development (ESD). There are a wide range of approaches but, at the heart of all initiatives, are multi-stakeholder and collaborative partnerships which aim to instigate social change towards a more sustainable future.
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Economic value of green infrastructure estimated by new method
A new study has proposed a method to place monetary value on green infrastructure at both a project and regional scale, which illustrates the value of investing in green infrastructure to the public and other stakeholders.
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Scientists call for swifter protection against forest diseases
According to a new analysis by Swedish researchers, action to reduce the impact of several serious forest diseases is typically taken too late. The researchers call for better communication by biologists of how and why diseases spread, to help minimise economic and ecological losses.
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