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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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European health experts warn of climate change´s effects on disease
Climate change will affect the spread and risk of many infectious diseases in Europe, according to a recent survey of leading health experts. The results suggest that more needs to be done to prepare for the expected changes in infectious disease levels, such as improved monitoring of disease.
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Cost-effective monitoring of Payments for Environmental Services
To encourage protection of the environment, payments for environmental services (PES) schemes offer direct incentives to individuals and communities to maintain or improve the provision of environmental services. A recent study suggests indicators to monitor PES must be chosen very carefully to help ensure that monitoring does not cost more than the payments themselves.
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End-of-life vehicles: influence of production costs on recycling rates
End-of-life-vehicles are a major stream of waste in the EU. A new study investigates the costs of landfill, advanced thermal treatment and incineration of waste from vehicle recycling factories and suggests that the factories are profitable, even while operating under strict conditions designed to meet the requirements of the EU´s Directive on End-of-Life vehicles.
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Coordinated efforts needed to ensure safety of nanotechnologies
The potential effects of nanotechnologies on health are considered in a report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council and European Commission Joint Research Center. The report makes recommendations to help scientists and policymakers coordinate their efforts in maximising the benefits - and minimising any negative health effects - of rapidly developing nanotechnologies, across a wide range of applications.
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Harmonising regional environmental data within a European framework
Standardised methods of categorising environmental data are needed at European and international levels for effective international policies. A recent study has concluded that a European framework that harmonises environmental data at the continental scale corresponds well with national classification systems, although some modifications may be needed to capture small-scale regional variations.
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Evolution of the electronic waste management system in Spain
Vastly increasing amounts of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) are being produced in Europe. Researchers have taken an in-depth look at how Spain has dealt with its electronic waste over recent years, and provide some guidance to other countries developing their own management practices.
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