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Solar Fridge with No Solar Panels

British Female Student Awarded Top Prize by Nobel Winners for Solar-Powered Fridge Invention. Basically 23-year-old Emily Cummins perfected her design which I h .

Jde to..

12. října 2017
Zero-Waste Food Storage: plastic free, green living .

Kdo profituje z recyklace?

11. října 2017
When you look at recycling this way, its no surprise that a strong commitment to recycling will benefit you, your community and the environment. .

Jak prosté...

10. října 2017
How to Make Everyday Earth Day by Irene Lee via neon tommy .

Why I Dont Recommend Recycling Plastic

19. září 2017
We're being overrun with plastic. Recycling plastic is NOT the answer. It's time for you and me to talk about changing habits, folks. .

Komu by se nelíbilo...

16. září 2017
Perfect home .

Po smrti stromem...

14. září 2017
Beaitiful and exactly what I want to happen to my remains .

30 tipů pro záchranu planety

10. září 2017
30 little ways to save our planet  .

Ekotip na každý měsíc

5. září 2017
You're already on your way to a green year! As the year goes on, here are more changes you can make: .

This Graphic Helps You Identify Your Home Biggest Energy Costs

Looking at your electric bill, it's not totally clear where all of that money actually goes--or what in your home is costing you the most.  .

Infographic: Veganism by the numbers

21. srpna 2017
A graphic look at the amount of water and fuel it takes to raise animals for food versus the amount it takes to raise plants for food, plus additional environme .

50 Ways Your Home Could Help Save the Earth

14. srpna 2017
This infographic shows 50 ways you can lower your home's environmental footprint (as well as your utility bills). .

Recycling Information about mobiles

11. srpna 2017
Obsolete Mobile Phone Best Way to Make Them Recycle.  .

The Groundfridge: the best solution for off-grid food storage

The Groundfridge: the best solution for off-grid food storage .

Zelené tipy na každý měsíc

6. srpna 2017
Going green is good for everyone! US Standard Products has eco friendly cleaning products that are better for our planet--why not tackle the April task now? ähnliche tolle Projekte und Ideen wie im Bild vorgestellt findest du auch in unserem Magazin . Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch. Liebe Grüße...
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