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An Original Christmas Tree Made out of Books

2. prosince 2017
For those who think of an eco Christmas tree, this type of tree is an excellent idea. This way, another Christmas tree escapes from being cut down.So, you .

Vánoce za dveřmi...

1. prosince 2017
DIY Rustic Driftwood Evergreen/Christmas Tree. A beautiful and rustic home decor idea for the holidays and all year-round. SustainMyCraftHabit .

Compost Bin Hot Water System: Heats Water to 70 Degrees Centigrade

27. listopadu 2017
I must admit that when I first saw this I was a bit skeptical. I mean I know compost generates heat and I have heard several stories of compost heaps actually c .

200+ Upcycling Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

26. listopadu 2017
If you're the type of person who hates to throw anything away, then turn your unwanted items into gorgeous DIY projects. After all, one person's trash is .

How to Build Your Own Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

25. listopadu 2017
Learn how to build a plastic bottle greenhouse! .

Lampa z CD

24. listopadu 2017

Recycle, Re-Purpose, Re-Use!

23. listopadu 2017
DIY camp stove! .

Recycle, Re-Purpose, Re-Use!

22. listopadu 2017
DIY Unique Cork Crafts That Will Beautify Your Home .

Co ze starých CD?

21. listopadu 2017

12 ways to use old tires

18. listopadu 2017
Got some old tires? Put them to good use with these fun ways to use tires! From furniture to planters, bike racks and much more - create something awesome! .

The ugly journey of our trash

16. listopadu 2017
Shark Diver : Shark Diving : Swimming With Sharks: Anyone can help save sharks .

Why Reuse a Cup

15. listopadu 2017
Do you make an effort to use reusable cups, water bottles and mugs? This fantastic infographic shared by my friend Shane over at Environmental Booty and created .

H.w paper recycling works

25. října 2017
Do you recycle paper? Here is How Paper Recycling Works. .

Jde to..

12. října 2017
Zero-Waste Food Storage: plastic free, green living .

Kdo profituje z recyklace?

11. října 2017
When you look at recycling this way, its no surprise that a strong commitment to recycling will benefit you, your community and the environment. .

Why I Dont Recommend Recycling Plastic

19. září 2017
We're being overrun with plastic. Recycling plastic is NOT the answer. It's time for you and me to talk about changing habits, folks. .

Zas ty plasty...

9. září 2017
According to theplastiki.com: It is estimated that almost all of the marine pollution in the world is comprised of plastic materials. The average proportion var .

Rozdíl mezo kompostovatelným a biodegradabilním...

29. srpna 2017
Compostable vs Biodegradable .

Impact Of Recycling Plastics

26. srpna 2017
This infographic has a lot of information to inspire plastic recycling. .
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