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Proud to be called a champagne socialist | Brief letters

Journal of Controversial Ideas | Cojones and nipples | Global warming | Co-op champagne | The TulipThe people who tell us "We are the editors of the Journal of Controversial Ideas" (Letters, 19 November) claim in the next paragraph that "At present there is no Journal of Controversial Ideas" - funny set of editors then. They also recoil at the idea that publishing in the Journal of Controversial Ideas might lead to anyone "deliberately branding ideas as controversial". If the letter shows how they intend to interpret "the highest standards of academic rigour" for Vol 1 No 1, heaven knows what it will be like when standards slip a bit, say by Vol 1 No 2?Ken PattersonLeeds, West Yorkshireo Re Judith Abbs' comment on men having nipples too (Letters, 17 November), decades ago, my fellow American women business owners and I agreed (probably after wine), that there was no reason to use "he has cojones" as a metaphor for strength. Why not "she's got nips"? Everyone's got 'em. Some are bigger than others. Get over it.Kathleen Dixon DonnellyBirmigham Continue reading...
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