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Millennial climate protesters have called me out - and I love it

My empathy for the super-woke youth waxes and wanes, but Extinction Rebellion and the new wave of campaigners have woken me upI have been called out so many times online that it's just white noise now. For my various sins I have been blocked, deleted and "cancelled" on social media, which doesn't resemble real life at all. In real life, one may break bread with beings who think differently from you and, weirdly, no one dies.There are lists of what can and cannot be said now, but I am from a generation that derides trigger warnings and micro-aggressions, because we are harder than hard. I recognise myself in the rantings of the writer Bret Easton Ellis, whom I adore. His new book, White, is a long whinge about woke young people. He happens to be in love with one, but wonders about who they really are, with their multiple allergies and support badgers. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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