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Berta Cáceres was exceptional. Her murder was all too commonplace | Nina Lakhani

The powerful forces behind the death of the Honduran indigenous leader are still targeting human rights defenders and environmental campaigners like herJoin a conversation with the author on Tuesday 9 June: Nina Lakhani joins Guardian US international editor Martin Hodgson to discuss the story behind Caceres's murder. Live on the Guardian at 1pm EST/10am PST/5pm BST. Email events.us@theguardian.com to sign up and get a reminderFifty-one months ago today Berta Caceres was gunned down by hired assassins at her home in western Honduras. Caceres was an indigenous leader, a political radical and a grassroots human rights defender who dedicated her life to resisting the patriarchal neoliberal world order and fighting for environmental justice. She was smart, kind, provocative and a rare leader who could listen, negotiate and bring people together. She was killed less than a year after winning the prestigious Goldman environmental prize for leading a campaign to stop construction of an internationally funded hydroelectric dam on a river considered sacred by the indigenous Lenca people. She died way too young, at only 44, at a time when our world's indigenous peoples and natural resources are under sustained attack from unsustainable greed and consumption. The race to save the planet is on, but radical changes are needed and time is running out. Her death was a crime against her family, the Lenca people, Honduran society and humanity. Fifty-one months ago today, the world lost a rare leader. Related: Who killed Berta Caceres? Behind the brutal murder of an environment crusader Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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