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Developers v Durrell: the battle over Corfu's 'jewel of nature'

Super-rich join naturalists in fight to halt building of luxury resort on biodiverse headlandUsually, at this time of year, Corfu would have submitted to the soporific rhythms of the relentless summer heat. Instead, anger is in the air and battle lines have been drawn, none more so than in the minds of those determined to protect the island's last piece of virgin territory - a place of unique biodiversity - from being developed into an "ultra luxury" resort.The stakes couldn't be higher. On the one side are campaigners, most visibly Lee Durrell, widow of the British naturalist Gerald, whose portrayal of Corfu in My Family and Other Animals played no small part in evoking the Ionian isle's charms and beauty - and ultimately bringing tourism to its shores. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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