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After a category 5 hurricane, nature saved me. It has the power to save us all | Michael Lees

Maria devastated Dominica. But the islanders' connection to the natural world gave them a resilience the west can't matchIn June 2017, I packed up some basic tools, religious texts and my camera gear, and headed back home to the Caribbean island of Dominica. A year earlier, while living in New York, a simple question had started to dominate my thinking: what if the life we humans were happiest in was back in the so-called '"Garden of Eden?'" When we lived in sync with nature and were not on the brink of destroying it.I decided Dominica would be the perfect place to test this hypothesis. Known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, it is sparsely populated, boasts crystal clear rivers, and a mountainous terrain, and is heavily cloaked in tropical rainforest. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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