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Mathias Cormann wants to be a chameleon on climate change when we've got a bin fire instead of a plan | Katharine Murphy

Does a late conversion somehow void the finance minister's previous statements and the Coalition's decade of shame?The window for attaining net zero emissions by 2050 and holding temperature increases to safe levels is "rapidly closing". Evidence is mounting that the world is closer to abrupt and irreversible changes, "so-called tipping points", than previously thought. Without further action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, "the planet is on course to reach temperatures not seen in millions of years, with potentially catastrophic implications".This commentary is not from the annual general meeting of the Wild-Eyed Leftists Association, or the board minutes from the Suspicious Progressives Cooperative of Lower Bermagui. It's from the International Monetary Fund, a fortnight ago, in the World Economic Outlook. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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